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Meeting Sarah Hart and Season 2 Finale

It’s the finale of season two! In this episode, Susan and Tracy celebrate over 60 episodes of the Lady Lawyer League podcast as they bring on new associate attorney Sarah Hart. Together, they discuss some of their favorite episodes and topics they’ve covered up to this point, and they dive into topics they hope to cover in season three.

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Launching Into Lady Lawyerhood

Join lady lawyers Susan Reff and Joy Kathurima as they go over all the trials and tribulations of being a lady lawyer. From public and private backlash to school vs actuality, down to what you wear, launching into lady lawyerhood is so much more than meets the eye.

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Marketing 101

We join Hightower Reff Law’s own Kari Ramsey to discuss the importance of marketing for entrepreneurs today.

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The Life of a Lawyer

You’ve seen them on TV and in movies, but is that an accurate depiction of what a lawyer’s life looks like?

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Pride Month

Susan and Tracy talk about Pride Month and where the law intersects with same sex couples in Nebraska.

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