Collaborative & Uncontested Divorce

Unlike traditional divorce litigation cases, the collaborative and uncontested divorce process is often quicker and smoother. No threat of court intervention. Our compassionate lawyers help you and your spouse reach a shared agreement without the complications of adversarial divorce court.

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Our experienced divorce attorneys are here to make your divorce as easy as possible. We’re among the small number of Nebraska lawyers that specialize in collaborative divorce.

Our Collaborative Divorce Process

Collaborative divorce puts you and your spouse in control of the decisions, not a judge. Our expert divorce lawyers in Omaha respect your wants and simply guide you through the process. Working with Hightower Reff Law, you can expect the following collaborative divorce process:

  1. Be paired with an attorney at Hightower Reff Law that’s right for your case.
  2. Meet with your lawyer to discuss your case details and fees.
  3. Assemble a team of lawyers, mental health specialists, financial planners, and more.
  4. Both you and your spouse sign the participation agreement (sometimes called the “no court” agreement).
  5. Attend meetings with your spouse and both parties’ lawyers to come to a mutual settlement.
  6. Sign the settlement agreement once you are both satisfied with the terms.
  7. Receive final judgment of the dissolution of marriage in a hearing.

Types of Divorce Services

The Hightower Reff Law team is experienced in handling all types of divorce in Omaha. We’ll provide you with a clear understanding of the necessary steps to reach a settlement that’s best for everyone involved.

collaborative Divorce

When divorcing spouses work together to resolve things out of court, you put your family’s welfare and the needs of your kids first. By signing the participation agreement in a collaborative divorce, you’re promising to:

  • work toward resolution of all issues without threatening court intervention
  • negotiate in good faith
  • provide full and complete disclosure of all relevant information
  • participate in joint sessions with professionals to achieve the best settlement for your family
  • consider all communications and documents in connection with the collaborative process to be inadmissible in any future court proceeding without the express written consent of the parties

uncontested divorce

Much like collaborative divorce, both parties agree on how an uncontested divorce should be settled. However, this process still typically involves the court system. During uncontested divorces, Hightower Reff Law acts as a mediator for you and your spouse.

contested Divorce

While the Hightower Reff Law team strongly believes the collaborative process leads to the most satisfaction, we know that not every couple can mutually agree on how to settle their divorce. In these instances, we’ll represent you through a traditional litigation-centered divorce where you and your spouse appear in court and a judge makes the final ruling.

Other Collaborative Divorce Services

Our Omaha attorneys will be one of many professionals on your collaborative divorce team—including counseling, financial, and child specialists—that bring you towards your shared settlement. Review our related in-house divorce services below.

Asset & Property Division

Dividing assets and property during a divorce can be a long, daunting process. We’ll provide clear, fair guidance on the distribution of your marital assets.

Child Custody

Divorce is never easy. It’s even more difficult when children are involved. Our compassionate divorce lawyers will keep the well-being of your children top of mind when establishing fair custody arrangements.


If your divorce isn’t collaborative, you and your spouse must meet with a neutral party to discuss and resolve contested issues. By working with Hightower Reff Law, you can finalize the divorce without court appearances.

Our Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

When you work with one of our professional divorce attorneys, you’ll receive caring, knowledgeable representation from the start of your case to the final verdict.

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McKenna Carnell


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does collaborative divorce take?

The collaborative divorce process is generally much faster than traditional divorce litigation. The timing is completely dependent on how quickly both parties and your lawyers want to move forward.

How much does collaborative divorce cost?

The cost of collaborative divorce is dependent on how long the process takes, how complicated the issues are, and how many professionals you hire. However, it’s typically less expensive than divorce litigation in court.

What are the disadvantages of collaborative divorce?

The disadvantages of collaborative divorce come when you and your spouse cannot agree on the proposed settlement terms. If this happens, you will need to take the litigated divorce case to court. You must also hire alternative legal counsel, as collaborative divorce lawyers do not specialize in that area of family law.

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