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Your privacy is our top priority throughout the legal process. Trust and transparency are essential as you work with your attorney, ensuring informed decisions and proactive steps toward desired outcomes.

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How do consultations work?

All of our consultations are booked for one hour and take place over the phone. You are charged the hourly rate for the attorney you are matched with and payment is due up front at the time of scheduling. Our Intake Specialist will email you some paperwork to complete ahead of your appointment. When it is time for your consultation, your attorney will call you.

what should I expect during the consultation?

While every case is different, the following is a list of what you might expect to be covered during your initial consultation:

  • Assessment of your situation: Your attorney will listen attentively as you explain your legal issue or concerns, asking relevant questions to gather necessary information.
  • Legal analysis: Your attorney may provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your situation.
  • Discussion of options: They may discuss potential legal strategies or courses of action available to you, outlining the potential risks and benefits of each.
  • Explanation of the legal process: Your attorney will explain what to expect as your case progresses through the legal system, including timelines, potential costs, and procedural steps.
  • Communication plan: They will discuss how communication will be handled moving forward.
  • Fee structure: Your attorney will explain their fee structure, including any upfront retainer fees, hourly rates, or contingency fees if applicable.
  • Next steps: Finally, your attorney will outline the next steps you should take, whether it’s gathering additional documents, seeking further legal advice, or initiating legal proceedings.