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A properly negotiated premarital agreement can lead to financial openness in your marriage. Choose Hightower Reff Law for personalized and comprehensive drafting, review, and negotiation of your prenup.

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Our prenup attorneys use their unique backgrounds and professional experience to advocate for your needs and preserve your goals as both individuals and as a couple before you unify your lives. Let us guide you through this life transition.

Our Prenup Process

Premarital agreements shouldn’t be a taboo or dreaded subject with your partner. At Hightower Reff Law, we believe prenups strengthen relationships. That’s why we make the process of negotiating and signing a prenup clear and compassionate. If you’re considering drafting a prenuptial agreement, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Have a conversation with your partner about making a prenuptial agreement.
  2. Talk about your finances, including the debts and assets you have.
  3. Hire a quality attorney for each spouse.
  4. Draft an agreement that considers property, child support obligations, debt responsibility, businesses, retirement benefits, joint bank accounts, and more.
  5. Sign, date, and make a copy of the agreement for each party.

Prenuptial Agreement Services

You might consider a prenuptial agreement if you have significant debt or assets. These contracts build a plan of action for you and your spouse should the marriage dissolve. Hightower Reff Law brings years of experience in drafting, reviewing, explaining, and negotiating premarital agreements.

Related Legal Services

While you’re negotiating your prenup, we’ll discuss what happens to your important interests like your finances, children, and property in the case of your divorce or death. While these issues are top of mind, you may want to pursue related legal matters like child support, wills and trusts, or other estate planning services. We’ll be here to represent you in all cases related to your prenuptial agreement.

Estate Planning & Probate

With basic estate planning tools, you and your loved ones will enjoy peace of mind knowing that there’s a plan in place for difficult life events. After your death, they’ll have a chance to grieve, rather than worry about your legal affairs.


Looking to create another type of contract in addition to a prenup? Hightower Reff Law offers competent and clear representation throughout the negotiation, drafting, and execution process for the contracts you use every day.

Child Support

Protect the interests of your children even after you’re gone. Our experienced attorneys in Omaha will advocate for your child’s well-being and legal rights beyond a prenuptial agreement.

Our Family Law Attorneys in Omaha

Find caring, professional representation when you negotiate a premarital agreement with our team of family law attorneys. Let us advocate for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What isn't covered by a prenuptial agreement?

There are limits to what is covered within a prenuptial agreement, including:

  • Child support, child custody, or other custody-related matters
  • Matters of the day-to-day running of the household
  • Any act that is considered to be unlawful

Should I get my own lawyer?

In order for a prenuptial agreement to be effective, each party entering into it should have their own attorney to best represent their interests.

Can I get a prenup after getting married?

No, Nebraska law does not allow postnuptial agreements unless such agreements are concurrent with a separation or divorce.

Are same-sex couples able to get a prenuptial agreement?

Yes, there is no difference between heterosexual and same-sex couples when it comes to the ability to obtain prenuptial agreements.

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