Marketing Bonus: The Good, The Bad, and The Comments

Oct 12, 2021

Tracy, Susan, and Kari read through some of the comments they’ve received on social media from the good, the weird, to the ridiculous, but all hilarious!


Tracy Hightower-Henne: We’re going to read social media comments. Yay. Ok, so we’re really excited to to do this podcast today because some some of the social media comments that we get on some of our tongue in cheek ads are really hilarious.

Susan Reff: Yeah. And we have our marketing specialist, Kari Ramsey here with us too. And to give Kari credit, a lot of these, you know, campaigns, you know, she’s had a lot of input on some of them. She’s come up with some of them we’ve come up with and she’s refined. So it’s fun to bring a non-lawyer in to talk about how the general public is looking at some of our ads.

Kari Ramsey: Well, I think it’s a, you know, it’s a good from the minute people walk into our front door, they see a rug that says, Welcome, yeah, we don’t judge. And then in parentheses, we’re lawyers. So that’s but we even though we don’t judge we, we get judged right?

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Yes. Ok, so first ad.

Susan Reff: So Tracy is going to read the ad and explain it and then read some comments and we’ll we’ll chat about them.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Ok, so we have several animated ads. So the first one is it starts with little figurines for marriage and it says till quarantine do us part. And then the man fades out and it says Omaha’s trusted divorce attorneys and our logo. Super simple doesn’t seem controversial at all. So this one, I think, got the most comments

Susan Reff: And the people look like little cake topper people. Yes.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Right? And so that was a play on COVID, right? We think COVID was an awful thing that happened. This was in twenty twenty. Obviously, it’s still happening. But so we thought we would do some tongue in cheek advertising around it. Ok, so some of the comments on the till quarantine do us part. First one, I’ve heard many good things about this firm. Actually, someone laughs emoji at that one. Then Toby says roses are red. Our love was true. Let’s weather the storm and see things through. Do you think Toby came up with that?

Susan Reff: Do you think Toby wants to try to work on our marketing team in?

Tracy Hightower-Henne: There are a lot of engagement about Toby’s. Someone did a love. Someone did some thumbs up to that, OK? Nick says these divorce attorneys are going to make bank on this. I don’t blame them. And he used the bank emoji.

Kari Ramsey: See, building truth. He knows. He knows that people.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: And then I don’t know how to say this person’s first name. Well, someone. This person tagged someone else and says in quotes till quarantine. Do his part lol. So here.

Susan Reff: So to tell a little story about quarantine, divorce like it is a thing. It is definitely a thing when people are under the same roof. Twenty four seven and their lives have completely changed. A lot of people decided this wasn’t what they wanted anymore, so we didn’t create quarantine divorces.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Hi, Tara Floor created quarantine divorces. No, it really just expedited divorces that were likely to happen in the future by spending, you know, so much more time together now and then, like homeschooling your kids and all of

Susan Reff: That and working from home and and and also thinking you might die like people are like, I don’t want to do this anymore with this person that I don’t like, so I’m going to divorce them.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Yeah, OK. So Andrew says horrible add. Linda says ambulance chaser cashing in on COVID and there’s a lot of comments to that sad face. The laughing face.

Susan Reff: Linda obviously doesn’t know what a divorce lawyer and an ambulance chaser like. She doesn’t know the difference.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Ok, so Sherri says this should not be essential. We are all in this fight together, even with the mother in law, so series mother in law must be living with her.

Susan Reff: Oh my goodness, we’re all in this fight together, James says.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Good timing. I live in an apartment and I can hear neighbors hollering at each other could be the summer of divorces.

Susan Reff: We should drop offs of business cards to James so he can hand them out in his apartment complex.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: And then Vito says, God hates divorce. Have no part of it. Vito gets a lot of pushback on this.

Susan Reff: Hmm-mm from God. Did God comment?

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Because Danny says Vito. He also hates abuse. Sometimes do. Horse is necessary, Dito says, Danny, call me and gives his phone number. Right here, we should call Vito Is

Susan Reff: Danny a man or a woman? Can we tell

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Danny then, says Vito, all pass and then the person that I can’t say their first name, said Vito. Wow, that was really cool. That you offered to listen. Huh?

Susan Reff: Is this like a love connection? Happening are very common, you know,

Kari Ramsey: Inspired divorce connection? Yeah.

Susan Reff: So something to think about, too when talking about marketing is like, we don’t create divorces, you know, it’s like the car repair. The body shop didn’t create the car accident.

Kari Ramsey: No, right?

Susan Reff: Just help people who want to get divorced.

Kari Ramsey: And it just I think the truth is is that there’s there’s an audience out there that we are validating. There are people that are they’ve already thought about divorce, maybe for years. And we’re just, yeah, and we’re we’re we’re speaking to them and validating that, you know, there are people out here that can help you, right? We’re not telling you to get divorced, right?

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Ok, ready for the next one. So it’s another animated ad and it starts with you’re finally done raising the kids, including the one you married. Oh boy. And then it scrolls out and says, Hi, teraflop experienced divorce attorneys. So are we ready for the comments on this? Yeah. This was from November of 2019. And then the under the ad, it says, ready for some adult time. We’re here to help you find it. Hmm. All right, Susan says this ad. Not me. Dot dot dot. Omg. I’m laughing so hard right now. Oh, that was me. No one’s just kidding. Lisa says, Oh well, Pam says best ad ever. John says you appear stupid and greedy. I hope no one hires you. You’re too high a risk by your ad. You don’t serve your clients best interest.

Susan Reff: High risk,

Tracy Hightower-Henne: John, your is not. Oh, you are. It’s y o u apostrophe r e John Kirk says. Why are you promoting divorce? You need to be promoting reconciliation. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, not something to throw away. That is what is wrong with this world. People can’t make commitments because it’s too easy to give up, and when you have that mindset, it will never work for you and you will never achieve happiness.

Kari Ramsey: Wow.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Interesting. Got some responses? Yeah. Denise says Kirk in the perfect world, it should be a lifetime commitment. And you know, that isn’t so. That being said, some people didn’t find the right one for them. So divorce happens just like car wrecks. Take your blinders off.

Kari Ramsey: It’s interesting. The women? Yeah, women versus men.

Susan Reff: This one are like, nope, stay married. And the women are like, Come on,

Tracy Hightower-Henne: This is lol. All right, then, Keith says, I suppose divorces pay better than chasing ambulances, another like.

Susan Reff: So anyone that was making comments about divorce lawyers being ambulance chasers are they’re just dumber than dumb.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: I think Keith is saying We’re not ambulance chasers and it’s not really clear. Keith, can you give us some clarity?

Susan Reff: Come back to us.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Ok.

Susan Reff: Ambulance chasers are usually personal injury attorneys, and we don’t do that here.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: This next one. All right, the ad is says time for a new lease on life and then it scrolls out and shows a convertible and a new convertible. Whew. Cool. So that means right. Like, you’re going to get divorced and maybe you can buy that convertible that you wanted, right?

Susan Reff: So and we find right like that. A lot of people, when they’re done with their case, they like, celebrate in some way. Like maybe they take a big trip or they buy a new car or they have a get together with their friends, like there’s nothing wrong with that.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: So the only one comment on this one that’s great is I’d be wary of an outfit that equates divorce with a road trip and just saying wink emoji.

Susan Reff: That’s exactly what it was.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: It’s like we’re a fishing outfitter, right? Don’t go to them. Go to the one next door,

Kari Ramsey: You know,

Susan Reff: But maybe. Divorce is like a road trip, actually, we did do an ad that was the roadmap of a divorce one time or the roadmap of a case or something, and it was like a little car and it looked like a board game.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: I’d be wary of that outfit. I would be too. Ok, next. We have oh, this one. This one got a lot of engagement. All right. So this ad is another animated ad and it shows to place settings. One slides away and it says, Hello, empty nest. Goodbye, empty marriage. Yes. And then it scrolls out to Hightower floor experienced divorce lawyers. So some of the comments and that one says the kids have moved on. You can, too. So Jim says and tags, Nick, do you know this? Nick says, Jim, why would I know this?

Susan Reff: Know what?

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Jim knows something about Nick that Nick doesn’t know. And then Susan says, Not the same, Susan, and also, not you. Very distasteful AD Oh, Janine says whatever happened to until death do us part? Oh my gosh. Well. That’s it.

Susan Reff: This is the one that caused me to, like, really be like, are you kidding? You know, so I think I posted something on Facebook about, you know, that we got this comment, that our ads were distasteful and I don’t even know if I knew that it was this ad. But we had been doing, you know, a lot of different marketing with these catchy or tongue in cheek little statements. And I think people forget the reasons why people get divorced, you know, and I don’t think I’ve done a divorce ever where someone came into it very lightly or flippantly and was like, Yeah, I just think I’m, you know, I just, I’m done, you know? I thought about it yesterday, and I’m ready to be done today. Like that is not how these conversations go. Right? People tell you they’ve been living in agony with this person. They fight over everything. They’re very distant. They haven’t had a good, meaningful relationship for years. I don’t think people really do enter into divorce lightly, at least the people that we we talk with. I think a lot of people have said I’ve tried everything. You know, we’ve done counseling. We’ve talked to our family. We’ve tried to do all these different things to try to make their marriage work. So I don’t I don’t think that us saying, you know, we can help you with your problem, you know, you’re.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Well, also when marriage was created, people only lived to be like 30 years old, so they were married for like five years.

Susan Reff: Yeah, they had all their kids and then they died. Yeah.

Kari Ramsey: To work on the land.

Susan Reff: Yeah, yeah.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Ok. So so the last one that we would be remiss if we didn’t share is one of our billboards. So and I think it’s still up right now. And it, you know, it was a play on the summer heat and it says, Did your marriage lose its heat? Contact Omaha’s divorce experts. So a gal went and took a picture of the billboard and went to our Facebook page and actually went and did the review part that says I don’t recommend high tariff law. So she says, I’m saddened by this advertisement as a married woman and attorney. Marriage is not about heat. It is about partnership and hard work. To suggest a loss of quote heat should lead you to a divorce lawyer is irresponsible. Shame exclamation point.

Susan Reff: Did you feel shame when you read that?

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Yes, my cheeks got flushed, yo. So we responded. And I think that’s another interesting part about marketing is you have to be choosy to whom you respond to and also how you respond. And in all honesty, if you’re listening to this, Liz, the gal who posted this, we really honestly did not think about this billboard as any sexual innuendo at all. We were literally were like, Let’s put this out in the summer time and it’s hot outside. So we responded,

Susan Reff: We do recognize that a lack of a good sex life does lead people to get divorced,

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Right? Sure, it’s one of the factors. Absolutely.

Susan Reff: And if and if and if somebody wants, you know, wants that in their marriage and they’re not having it, that’s there’s nothing wrong with that problematic. Yeah.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: And so we responded, marriage is indeed about partnership and hard work. But there is also a chemistry between two people involving intellectual, physical and or spiritual heat, and that heat is gone and they are choosing to divorce. We are here to help them move on in life. Clap, let’s clap. That’s such a great great response. Clap. Oh, so we got more engagement clap. We did get a response to this. And she said, Yeah, oh, she says, I disagree that those viewing this sign would interpret it as such, and I suspect you’re in parentheses. Misguided, in my opinion and parentheses intent was to make people chuckle and remember your firm name. I find attorney advertising in this manner, degrading to the profession. Oh my question. My question. How else can you advertise divorce at all? Right?

Susan Reff: I you just, you know, you see those billboards that and you don’t see them in Omaha. But we’ve seen in other places where it’s just like divorce in a in like huge letters with a question mark and then it’s like a headshot like in Vegas. Yeah, those are so dumb.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: It’s a head shot of a lawyer and then it says one, eight hundred four, four four.

Susan Reff: Yeah, or it’s their phone number one 800 divorce one two, three or something stupid. However, I don’t know what the numbers are,

Kari Ramsey: But my

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Divorce is five seven.

Susan Reff: I’m using my fingers

Tracy Hightower-Henne: To see how could we have four oh, two divorce?

Susan Reff: We’re going to try Carrie. Write it down. Yeah.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Five one. Wait, what’s the other Nebraska number five one five three one five three one divorce. But I think it’s I mean this. Goes to that point of we decided to be much more creative in our marketing. We don’t sell widgets, right, so we cannot sit and take pictures of the products that we sell and put them out there in a pretty way, right?

Susan Reff: And say, look at what you’ll get when you come to us.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Right. And so we have decided to do marketing in a way that is catchy. And thank you, Liz, for seeing our billboard and promoting it for us.

Kari Ramsey: Yeah. Well, in divorce is always going to be a polarized topic. There are people that there going to be people that don’t believe in it, and there are people that that do. And so we can’t change that fact. And it’s there’s a lot of fear involved with divorce and there’s a stigma, especially in our country. And I think our approach of being innovative, creative and a little bit light hearted. It’s just a different way of approaching it.

Susan Reff: Yeah, I

Tracy Hightower-Henne: I got I have another one, another ad. Ok? All right. So at some point we had another animated ad and it was a picture of a toad. Did he have a little crown? He had a little crown on it, right? So like, you kiss a toad and becomes a prince? Yeah. And so it said, sometimes a frog is just a frog when you can’t save your marriage. Call us. And so here’s a comment from Bob. Why are so many people getting married saying, I love you and then turn around and get divorced? Two question marks. I’ve been married thirty three years and we have had our ups and downs, but she is my life and always will be. If your y-o-u are not willing to help your better half in good times and bad times, then don’t get married and destroy your better half. Bless you all. Trump 2020 Oh,

Kari Ramsey: Who has been divorced?

Tracy Hightower-Henne: How many? How many times has Trump in divorce?

Susan Reff: I’m not sure what this message is from. This is Bob, right, Bob. Is the message you just like, live together. Like, Don’t get married because then you won’t get divorced, right? Because marriage is the

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Leading cause of divorce. Yes.

Susan Reff: Yes. I mean, is that his message

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Or his message? Is Trump

Kari Ramsey: Trump 2020?

Susan Reff: That’s yeah. Hmm. Interesting. Thanks, Bob, for

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Analytical posting on it. And we have one last one. So remember the ad and we had a lot of communication about this on like how we should actually put this ad out. And it was an animated ad and it scrolled through a photo of a robin the bird right? A Robin Red Robin. Yeah, and it said, Flip them the bird and it said, M flip them and flip them. And there was a lot of conversation around. Originally, our marketing people wanted it to say, Flip him the bird, and we were like, Oh, do we really want to like, you know, point the fingers at the man? And we decided we didn’t. So it ended up saying, flip him the bird. And then there was a picture of a Robin Wright,

Susan Reff: And it was like a real, live looking Robin. Not like an animated right, right?

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Like a Google Image search of a robin. And I think it was sitting on a really pretty flower or something. And so we got a Facebook comment. All it said was beautiful, Robin.

Susan Reff: I agree.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: A bird that loses Chelsea. Oh, think Chelsea thinks Chelsea for the good recognizing the star of our ad. Yeah, there was a lot of conversation about what kind of bird should we have in here? And ultimately, it was the Robin.

Kari Ramsey: Chelsea agrees.

Susan Reff: Well, we kind of did like a bird theme for a while. We had like the bird flying out of the cage about like, now you’re free.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Set yourself free. Yeah. I think that was around the same time as the fairy tale when we had the frog. Yeah. So sometimes there are themes.

Susan Reff: Yeah, to the bird and the fairy tale where we’re good ones.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Yeah. So thanks for listening to our marketing comment bonus episode. And be sure to go out and comment on our marketing pieces, and maybe we’ll read your comments in a later

Susan Reff: Event, even if it’s just because you really like the graphics.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Yeah, beautiful, Robin.

Kari Ramsey: Yeah, look for those bright orange, bold billboards.

Tracy Hightower-Henne: So thank you all to the Susans and the Bobs and the Chelsea and the Lizza’s for helping us. Don’t forget Tony and Tony was there. Tony? Veto. No veto. Veto reminds me

Susan Reff: Tony was the God hates

Tracy Hightower-Henne: Divorce. No, that’s veto. Oh yeah. But Tony veto and Tony. Yeah, whatever. Check you later.

Announcer: Thank you for listening to the lady Lawyer League Podcast. Be sure to like and subscribe anywhere you get your podcasts, if you would like to learn more about our firm, Hightower-Reff Law, please visit us At H R Law We’ll see you next week.

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