Divorce doesn’t need to be adversarial or full of bitterness. When you mutually agree on your separation terms, we can help settle your issues without going to court. Talk with the expert mediators at Hightower Reff Law today.

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Compassionate Mediation Lawyers in Omaha

As skilled advocates and negotiators in the mediation process, we’re prepared to see your divorce matter through, no matter the direction the proceedings take. Get to know more about the attorneys behind your mediation.

Our Mediation Process

Save time and money and avoid litigation with uncontested divorces. We’ll represent you and your spouse as you create a divorce settlement agreement. After hiring our knowledgeable divorce mediation lawyers in Omaha, here’s what to expect:

  1. Meet with an attorney and your spouse to discuss fees and your current contested issues.
  2. Develop a “needs of interest” for each spouse with our help.
  3. Draft a marital settlement agreement based on those needs.
  4. Collaborate and negotiate as needed before signing the document.
  5. Court reviews the settlement to ensure it is fair and legal.
  6. Divorce decree is finalized.

Related Mediation Services

Our Omaha law firm is prepared to handle every aspect of your divorce, including child custody, the division of finances, and other common issues when pursuing an uncontested divorce.

Collaborative & Uncontested Divorce

Even when you agree with your partner on divorce terms, it’s still important to have legal representation. Hightower Reff Law has experienced attorneys to draft the correct legal documents and make sure all matters are thoroughly discussed and decided.

Child Support

When children are involved, it’s important to put their needs first. Our committed mediators advocate for your family’s best interests by providing unbiased legal advice about child custody, support, and parental rights.

Asset & Property Division

Whether you’re negotiating spousal support, alimony, or the distribution of property, you’ll find compassionate counsel at Hightower Reff Law. We’ll ensure your financial needs are met.

Our Mediation Divorce Attorneys

Our compassionate mediation attorneys will be with you every step of the way. We’ll support you through tough conversations and decisions until you’ve signed a mutually beneficial agreement with your spouse.

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Sarah Hart Attorney at Law


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McKenna Carnell


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of mediation?

Because mediation does not require court intervention, it is typically a quicker and more affordable process compared to traditional divorce litigation.

Is mediation right for your case?

Mediation is a great fit for couples who are able to communicate and cooperate. Mediation is typical in uncontested divorces, but Hightower Reff Law does offer other divorce options. Our Nebraska attorneys are certified in collaborative divorce, a similar type of divorce for amicable spouses. Mediation is not recommended for cases involving domestic violence or other abusive situations.


What happens if no agreement is possible in mediated divorces?

If agreement cannot be made, you and your spouse will proceed with traditional divorce litigation.

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