How Remarriage Could Affect Child Custody – Five Things You Should Know

February 13, 2018

how remarried coulg affect your child custody infographicRemarriage can throw your child custody co-parenting relationship into a tailspin.

It doesn’t have to, however… and usually shouldn’t. Before you remarry with the idea it’ll help your Nebraska child custody case – or before you fret for days about how your ex’s remarriage could affect child custody, there are five things you should know:



Keep parenting and child custody issues between the parents – regardless of remarriage 

When a child custody dispute happens around a remarriage or new relationship, the Omaha family law attorneys at Hightower Reff Law recommend our clients work it out between themselves and their ex – without “help” from the new spouse(s) or significant other(s).

As well intentioned as step-parents may be, putting them in the mix of co-parenting decisions or disputes is generally a bad idea, unless both parents are okay with the step-parent’s involvement. Even then, it can sometimes add complications to an already rocky situation.

In some cases, however, step-parents can become a great asset to a coparenting team. Those step-parents became an asset to the co-parenting team by being supportive without overstepping their bounds. They didn’t insert themselves into the parenting mix until both parents let them know their involvement was welcome.

Mediate before you litigate

Going to court to litigate child custody and other family law cases tends to heat up emotions. That can make it more difficult for you and your ex to co-parent. When there’s a disagreement about changes to parenting time schedules because of remarriage or a new relationship, if you can’t work it out on your own, try mediation before you head to court. You could end up saving your child a heartache and yourself a headache.

If you decide to try to work out your child custody disagreement, a good Omaha family law attorney can help with Nebraska child custody mediation and other alternative dispute resolution options.

You don’t have to go it alone. At Hightower Reff Law, we believe in the alternative dispute resolution process for Nebraska family law cases. We’ve found in Nebraska family law cases that solutions our clients work out in mediation or negotiation work out better for them and for their children in the long run.


This article should not be construed as legal advice. Situations are different and it’s impossible to provide legal advice for every situation without knowing the individual facts. 

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