Reasons to Consider Settling Your Nebraska Family Law Case Out of Court

December 6, 2016

img_3340Divorce, child custody, and other family law cases are among the most emotionally intense kinds of litigation. There are several sound reasons to consider settling your Nebraska family law case out of court.

Court proceedings aren’t punishment

Going to trial isn’t a good way to try to punish or penalize your spouse for their wrongs. Nebraska is a true no-fault divorce state. That means that, in the vast majority of circumstances, your spouse’s status as a giant jerk isn’t going to have any bearing on the outcome of your case.

Also keep in mind that emotions can get the better of you during a family law case. It’s usually a really hard time in your life. Very rarely – if ever – does a trial do anything positive to ease the raw nerves or wounded feelings of a divorcing spouse or to heal a hurting family.

Different options, same outcome –  settling your Nebraska family law case

Whether you reach a divorce settlement agreement through the collaborative divorce process, mediation, or negotiations between your lawyer and your spouse’s lawyer – this infographic outlines some good reasons to consider settlement:

[infographic id=”x1481086050209″]



Additionally, settling your family law case out of court can save money in the long and short run. Settlement can be less expensive in the short run because it saves the costs of trial – which can be very expensive. In the long run, you and the other party are more likely to follow an order upon which the two of you agreed, as opposed to one decided by the judge. That means you’re less likely to have to spend money going back to court in future.

If you and the other party are able to reach a settlement agreement:

  • your attorneys or the mediator will put it in writing
  • both parties will sign it
  • the judge still needs to approve and sign a Divorce Decree incorporating the provisions of your settlement agreement
  • that Decree will be the court order that you and the other party must follow, unless the court modifies the order down the road

Not for everyone

Settlement isn’t appropriate in every case. However, in the majority of cases, good attorneys can help guide you along the path to reaching an amicable and fair settlement for your Nebraska family law case.


This article should not be construed as legal advice. Situations are different and it’s impossible to provide legal advice for every situation without knowing the individual facts. 

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