Death of a Loved One

After someone dies, their loved ones begin the process of distributing their assets and winding up the decedent’s affairs. We offer comprehensive representation for personal representatives, trustees and beneficiaries in estate and trust administration.


The process by which a decedent’s assets are transferred to the people who will inherit the property is called probate. If the deceased person had a will, the probate process is started by filing the will with the county court where the decedent lived. If the deceased person did not have a will, probate is still necessary to distribute the decedent’s assets according to state law.


If the decedent has executed a trust and properly funded it, you can avoid filing a probate case in county court. The trustee will work with the personal representative to administer your estate in the event of your death. This allows for a more expeditious distribution of the trust estate, without all the built-in delays of the probate process. The trust document, executed by the decedent, controls the distribution of the assets.

Questions about Probate?

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