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For many people, an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) is their first time getting into legal trouble. After the initial shock of the arrest has worn off, it’s important to take action and secure representation from attorneys who can protect your privacy and interests.

An Omaha Law Firm Defending Good People Who Make Mistakes

At Hightower Reff Law, we use our years of experience defending the criminally accused to your advantage. With an in-depth understanding of the area courts and local laws, as well as professional relationships with prosecutors and judges in the legal community, we are well equipped to build strong defense strategies that can curb the potential consequences of a DUI arrest.

No matter your situation, you likely have numerous concerns regarding the consequences a DUI may have on you personally and professionally. As your defense lawyers, we will set clear, realistic expectations to better prepare you for the steps ahead:

  • Thorough investigations: In some cases, the authorities mishandle evidence, infringe upon your rights or commit other errors that compromise the integrity of the case. We can investigate the details of your case to determine if certain motions or pretrial hearings are warranted due to the actions, or inaction of the authorities.
  • Negotiations: Not every DUI case goes to trial. In fact, a significant number are resolved through negotiations and plea agreements. Depending on your case, we may be able to reach a generous agreement with the prosecution that plays into your favor.
  • Aggressive advocacy: Many of our clients are good people who made a simple mistake. As your attorneys, we will passionately convey the facts of your situation and present your case in a favorable light.
  • Preparation: From the moment you hire us, we begin building a case for trial. By constantly preparing, we will be ready with the facts and a plan should your case go to trial.

More than just fines or potential jail time, there are other collateral consequences you need to consider with a DUI. You may be ordered to complete treatment or community service and could face the embarrassment of being unable to drive to work or take your children to school after losing your driver’s license. We will advocate for you at every stage of the case to minimize or avoid these outcomes.

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By acting fast after being charged with DUI, you stand a better chance of minimizing the damages of your arrest. Call us today at 402-932-9550 or visit our contact page to schedule a time to come in and talk to one of our attorneys.

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