Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Divorce Alternative

Hightower Reff Law offers experienced divorce attorneys who are also among the small number of Nebraska lawyers certified in collaborative divorce – an alternative to the traditional adversarial court process.

With collaborative divorce, you and your spouse work with a team of professionals including lawyers, financial professionals and mental health or counseling specialists to come up with an agreement covering all issues in your divorce. There is no court intervention or threat of it.

Team Approach Putting Kids First

The needs of the children and the family’s welfare are the focus of the collaborative process. At the beginning of a collaborative divorce case, the spouses sign a participation agreement that includes a promise:

  • by you, your spouse and the collaborative professionals to negotiate in good faith and provide full and complete disclosure of all relevant information.
  • by you and your spouse to cooperatively participate in joint sessions with the professionals to achieve the best possible settlement for the family.
  • that all communications and all documents generated in connection with the collaborative process will be inadmissible in any future court proceeding without the express written consent of the parties.
  • to work toward resolution of all issues without threatening court intervention. If either party seeks court intervention, all professionals must withdraw from further representing the spouses and the spouses must retain new litigation counsel.

You and Your Spouse Are in Control

Unlike traditional litigation-centered divorce, which can be extremely adversarial, the parties (you and your spouse) control the collaborative divorce process. That means you have the decision-making power instead of a judge making any decision in your case.

Why It Can Work

In our years of experience at Hightower Reff Law, we have found that clients are most satisfied with an agreed upon outcome in which they had input, rather than one forced upon them by a judge.

This is one of the reasons that the collaborative process can work so well and why the lawyers at Hightower Reff Law believe in it so strongly for clients who agree to the process.

Questions about Collaborative Divorce?

Hightower Reff Law attorneys are members of the Nebraska Academy of Collaborative Professionals, which presents a monthly divorce options workshop to teach the public about the collaborative divorce process. Call us today at 402-932-9550 or visit our contact page to schedule a time to come in and talk to one of our attorneys.

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