How the Nebraska Divorce Process Works (Infographic)

September 16, 2016

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If you’re going through a divorce, knowing how the Nebraska divorce process works can bring you clarity. You may also feel greater peace of mind when you know better what to expect from the process.

Hightower Reff Law is a team of confident, clear, committed attorneys representing clients in the Omaha metro and surrounding areas in family law and criminal defense/dui.

This infographic gives you an easy to follow nutshell:


Divorce is never easy. Our team of divorce attorneys and staff at Hightower Reff has worked with divorce clients for years. Having an experienced attorney on your side to answer questions and explain how the Nebraska divorce process works every step of the way can be key to your emotional well being during what can be a trying time. Additionally, a skilled divorce lawyer can impact your results.

From filing the Complaint for Dissolution of Marriage through discovery and settlement or trial, legal support is important. Make sure you have clear, committed legal counsel on your side, and that you are confident in their ability to represent you.

This article should not be construed as legal advice. Situations are different and it’s impossible to provide legal advice for every situation without knowing the individual facts. 

For details about the author, Hightower Reff  Partner Attorney Tracy Hightower, visit her profile page.

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