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What you need to do when your divorce is final

What happens after a divorce? What are the different judgments and how do they impact you? In this episode Susan and Tracy cover all of those post decree tasks you need to know when your divorce is final. Once the divorce is final, there are a few things you need to think about. You’ll want to make sure that all the necessary judgments have been issued and that you understand them. Property division, alimony (if applicable), child support/custody—these are all important pieces for your post-divorce life.

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Name Changes in Marriage and Divorce

Why do we change our names when we get married? What’s the history behind changing names in marriage, and what happens when you get divorced? How do you change your name then? Then finally, we’ll talk about moving forward — what to do with the name change.

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Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent adoption can be an expensive and tricky legal process to follow. How can you ensure that you know what you need to know before you even start? That’s where this edition of the Lady Lawyer League Podcast comes in. In this episode we cover what happens in the courtroom during a stepparent adoption, plus what and when abandonment can help you in your case.

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