We Are Omaha’s Divorce Attorneys

Every divorce is a unique situation and some spouses can come to an agreement on many or all issues. Sometimes, people get locked into a war-like mindset during the divorce process. While others want the divorce over and done with as quickly as possible, some may try to inflict financial or emotional pain on the other party by drawing out the court case.

 Hightower Reff Law can provide you with a confident, clear and committed representation to protect your interests regardless if your divorce is contested or uncontested.

Committed Counsel and Smart Strategies in Divorce

Experienced in handling all divorces, from a simple division of assets and debts to complex and high-asset divorces, our divorce attorneys understand the unique circumstances facing families.

Whether you have more debt than assets, closely held or family-owned businesses, substantial or complex assets or other circumstances that can complicate divorce proceedings – we can help.

Our skill and access to resources when handling divorce cases give our clients confident, clear, committed representation in cases involving their finances, children and other important interests.

We get it. These are the most important things in your life.

Aspects of our firm’s commitment include:

  • Diligence: Attention to detail is incredibly important when sifting through personal and business assets. In complex cases, we may work with industry experts and professionals to ensure that discovery and investigations are handled properly.
  • Insight: Our clients have plenty on their minds, including the future of their finances. Our experience in these matters enables us to ask questions and pursue the most appropriate course of action in an effort to protect you and your financial interests at all turns.
  • Advocacy: You deserve to be treated fairly. Whether you were the primary provider or you cared for the family home and raised your children, we will aggressively voice your case when fighting for spousal support and child support for your children.

Questions about Divorce?

No matter the scale or scope of your divorce, reach out to our Omaha, Nebraska law office and learn how we can help. Call us today at 402-932-9550 or visit our contact page to schedule a time to come in and talk to one of our attorneys.

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